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Why You Can’t Beat The House

It’s not the random fall of the ball into any particular slot that’s going to beat you. It’s that the casino has looked at all of the numbers and decided on a pay-out schedule that slightly favors them. Remember that basket bet that pays $6 for every $1 you bet whenever one of your five numbers wins. 

But let us suppose that you do make 38 bets of one dollar each on the basket. Let us also suppose that by some miracle each number is hit in turn during those 38 spins. You will win five times and each time you receive 6 dollars. That’s $30 you have won. But wait, you bet 38 times and lost 33. That means you spent $33 dollars to win that $30. The house wins again.

The corner bets where you bet on four numbers to win? Here again, if you make 38 one-dollar bets on that magical wheel that lands on each number, in turn, you will win $8 four times and spend $34 to do it.

That two number bet that pays seventeen to one. You will win two times out of every thirty-eight times our magic wheel spins. Both times you will receive $17 or $34 total. You lost 36 times.

You do the math on a three number bet. You bet 38 times, win three times at 11 to 1, and lose 35 times.

Of course, in just 38 spins some numbers will be hit two or three times and other numbers will not be hit at all. But through the course of many spins over many evenings everything will even out and the house will slowly but surely make money off of all of those bets by paying out in prizes less than it takes in.

Casino’s have worked out the numbers so that most people will lose a small amount relative to what they gamble. As the night wears on the casino makes its money and hopefully, no one individual loses too much. They know that there will be some big winners at the roulette table and they welcome them because these fortunate people are what draws everyone else to the roulette table. The unfortunate reality is that, along with the few lucky winners, there are also some very unlucky big losers. The most important math you can do at any game of chance is to figure out when you have lost enough and leave before that becomes too much.

Does that mean you can’t win? Of course, not. You might get very lucky and your 35 to 1 bet pays off after you have bet just a couple of times and these chances are even better with online casino like bandarq. Then you might get very smart and walk away while you are still ahead.

If you just want to have an evening of fun at the roulette table, then place a bet on black or red. If you bet one dollar on red every spin all night long, you will win one dollar every time the ball hits red and lose one dollar every time it hits black. You may get lucky that night or unlucky, but over the course of a few evenings, you should lose only a small percent of what you gamble.

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