Why Don’t Dice Have Numerals

If you’re a fan of dice-based online casino games, such as the instant win games Dice Twister and Roller Coaster Dice, you might have wondered ‘why don’t dice have numerals’? It’s one of those baffling questions that, the more you think about it, the more mind-boggling it becomes. Surely, after all, the obvious thing to do with a dice would be to clearly mark each side with a corresponding number, for easy results, readable at a glance. However, instead, dice typically have dot indentations known as pips, representing the numbers on each side. Besides all this, this list of best online casino Malaysia is there to help you enjoy your favorite dice game at some of the finest online casinos.

The reason for this has long been debated, with several theories cropping up among the thinkers and the scholars with an interest in the humble die, including:

Dice Pre-date Numericals

One common theory is that dice actually pre-date any widely recognized numerical system and, with dice thought to have been used before recorded history, there’s a strong probability that this theory could be correct.

The oldest known dice were excavated in Iran as part of a 5000-year-old backgammon set, and other dice have been found in ancient tombs. The idea that the die pre-dates common numerical is not difficult to believe possible.

For Non-Readers

Up until modern times, even during the 20th Century, illiteracy was common. Before the education act of 1870, the school was a privilege for only the very rich, and even afterward many children were kept away from school in order to be put to work from a very young age instead. Therefore, as dice clearly pre-date widespread literacy by thousands of years, you could easily deduce that the indented pips were a way of making a dice understandable to the uneducated.

Globally Recognised

Obviously, numerical symbols differ across the world, meaning that a die with pips instead will be more widely read. While dice can come in different colors and slightly varying styles, including Asian dice which have blue and red dots, with a large single dot

representing the number 1, the die is largely uniform on a global scale.

Number Confusion

Some people believe that dice have dots because of the ambigrammatic properties of numerical (for example, a 2 can resemble a 5). This is another strong theory, as, where gambling is concerned, results need to be as clear as possible with the margin of error minimized. Of course, when you choose to play dice games at online casinos like Super Casino, there is no margin of error. The computer system will calculate any winnings automatically, for failsafe gameplay that you can trust.

With dice having had ‘pip’ indentions for thousands of years, the question of ‘why don’t dice of numerals?’ is a difficult one to answer. Decide for yourself which theory holds the most weight for you then relax and enjoy fun instant win dice-based games, slot machine games, card games, live roulette, and more at SuperCasino!

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