What You Should Know About Progressive Slots Games

One of the most interesting games in the online casino world is progressive slots. This is a slots variant in which players have the chance to win huge jackpots. Progressive slots are similar to other slot games in terms of game rules. The key feature of these games is that multiple slot games are linked to the one you are playing.

A small percentage of each bet placed by players will contribute towards a common jackpot. The more the number of players, the bigger will be jackpot. Hence, if you win a progressive jackpot game, you are likely to earn a huge amount.

The Evolution of Progressive Slots

Progressive slot games were developed during the 1980s. Slot makers who attempted to introduce advanced microprocessors, suggested progressive jackpot games. The popularity of progressive jackpots increased in 1986, with the introduction of the IGT designed Megabucks. Linked progressive jackpots are commonly offered at both online and offline casinos today. The first one to be introduced was, Cash Splash.

Progressive Jackpots Have Lower Payout Percentages

Every time a player places a bet in a progressive jackpot game, a small percentage of his bet amount gets automatically added to the jackpot. Hence, the payout rates of these games like บาคาร่าออนไลน์ are lower when compared to the standard slots. For example, the progressive slot machine you play at may contribute 5% of the bets you place towards the jackpot. Then the payout percentage will be about 95%. On that, the house will take a small percentage. So, the payout rate will reduce further by a small amount.

Types of Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are mainly of two types – Stand Alone and In-House Progressives.

Stand Alone slot games work independently. These are not linked to other games. These jackpots are formed by only one slot game in an online casino. As it is not linked to other slot machines, the jackpot fund is lower for these slot games when compared to others.

In-House Progressives, also known as Proprietary Progressives, are those in which a group of games are linked together. These are operated by a single online casino. The jackpots offered by these slots don’t enable you to earn millions. Nevertheless, wins of substantial amounts can be made with them. Compared to other progressive slots, Proprietary Progressives are hit more frequently.

Tips to Excel in Progressive Slots

Play the maximum coins in progressive slots. The top jackpot prize is paid by most progressive slots to those playing maximum coins. The top prize can earn you millions. So, placing big bets can be more rewarding when compared to small ones.

To maximize your chances of winning, it is best to play single line slots than multi-lines. The odds of hitting a jackpot are higher in case of single-line slots. Also, for these slots, you can place bets of smaller amounts. Decide an efficient money-management strategy when playing progressive gambling slots. This can help you excel in slot games in the long run.

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