Using Your Poker Calculator To Measure Opponents Aggression

One of the most difficult aspects of the poker game to learn to deal successfully with aggressive players. This is especially true for new players who have not acquired the experience of playing against these players, with proper emotional detachment. The following is a typical impatience or ill-timed attack-which is actually a trap designed by the attacker.

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If you have a poker calculator, you can get through the situation to know exactly what the stress factor (FA) of your opponent is and what it means to be avoided. When using Holdem Indicator or Tournament Indicator formula aggression factor AF = (Raise% + Bet%) /% of calls. Now, what this means in reality an act of aggression after the flop is just the Paris includes the turn and river. Remember that the raise before the flop has its own separate category.

In essence, the AF-factor was, therefore, shows the relationship between the number of times a player and / or spear, how often is called simply compared. So let’s say an opponent of AF is 2.0. Well, it’s on the aggressive side to be sure, but what it represents (for example) is that the player has raised five times, six times the bet and viewed 6 times. This is (5 +6) / 6 = 1.83 rounded to 2.0. So how do you see mathematics, especially in the challenge that player probably only talks to the size and position.

This player is without doubt the experience and know what you are doing. There is nothing wrong with the AF in this field and if the progress of the players of the stack so do if it was an obvious error, you can probably rest assured that it is dangerous and will try to be the wrong people trick you deliver its your battery. With a player like this have to remove the chips from him for the first bet or reraise. The player wants to play small ball, and how you can not back up or Paris from the position in the pot in your comfort zone.

Let AF to another player, just to compare. What about 11.5? Yes, it can be very high, and more. This player, call it WrecklessBob77 almost never calls only. If a pot is to bet or raise on the flop, no matter what. WrecklessBob77 for this high AF has bet 21 times and 13 times higher, while only call 3 times. Ie (21 13) / 3 = 11.33 to 11.5 rounded. The most likely indicator Holdem Poker Calculator is profiling this person as a player, because the FA factor weighed in the profile, with the percentage of VPIP and WSD.

With a player with this great and AF, it is easy to play too aggressively, especially when you see it in the lower limits. The fact that he is still here, probably the result of winning big pots in marginal situations, excessive luck, and weak opponents. These things never last nearly long enough, and the player to bet on the game or tournament. Players will be notified to the table with your stack drooling, waiting patiently to catch this maniac and bring This is what you should do too, knowing that its position in each hand, but not the realization that what need strong hands to play this kind, to be a victim of his slump.

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