Unique and Personalized Gifts

I have always loved that can-of-popcorn with a picture or design on the can, most of all I love can. These are mainly a Christmas time treat, but now you can get one whenever you want and pick the design on can. My favorite one that I have is with the picture of dogs playing poker, dog biscuits came in that can. At you can choose the size and the filling. It can come in a gallon, quart, and pint sizes. 

Moreover, if you are looking for gifts that you can give to poker players then you should definitely check out situs poker online for inspiration. There you will find a lot of options that you can try when it comes to poker related gifts. 

They have several designs and styles for all occasions to choose from, and you can personalize them with names, dates, sayings, business logos, etc… you can buy an empty can and fill it yourself, or pick one of the pre-filled themed cans. There are many themes to choose from, art lover’s, baby shower, bath time fun, chocolate lover’s, coffee lover’s, game night, the puzzle can, spa relaxation, etc… content of each can is listed on the website and is adjusted for the age of the person receiving them can as a gift.

If you cannot find a design style or theme that you like, you can contact them and they will try to create a can that is what you are looking for. Each can at is printed, laminated, and adhered to the cans as they are ordered. The normal turn-around time is about ten days, depending on the volume of orders at that time. Ordering more than ten cans can make your order take longer to arrive. If cans are needed by a cretin date, let and they will let you know if it can be done by your due date.

They have specialty items such as clear cans, coin banks, and lunch boxes. They also have special themed cans; themes include cancer, survival kit, and humor. There are different versions of each theme. Other products available are address labels, candy bar wrappers, ceramic magnets, favor tins, popcorn wrappers, shipping labels, tic tac toe games, clocks, mint books, and note cards. If you are looking for a unique gift, then look no further than You will surely find something here that you will want.

You can join their Buyer’s Club and earn 25% on sales from people you refer to, to become a member of the buyer’s club you must purchase one of their buyer’s kits and have a valid PayPal account, along with one online reference. In addition, a condition of beginning a buyer’s club member, you must buy at least one can from every quarter to keep your account active. Members of the buyer’s club get a free webpage to attract traffic to and sell gift cans earning you your commission, there are very little limitations as to how you can advertise your webpage; online, offline, craft fairs, etc.

The prices of kits vary; the mini kit comes with one-gallon metal can with your choice of design, one ½-pint clear can. It is the cheapest at $25.00, which includes activation, set up, and shipping. There is a yahoo group for support from other buyer’s club members. The most expensive kit will set you back $155.00. It comes with four quart-size metal cans, four quart-size clear cans, four gallon-size metal cans, two gallon-size clear cans, two pint-size clear cans, two ½ pint-size clear cans, three magnets, one popcorn wrapper, two-note cards, one tic tac toe game, five mini wrapped candy bars along with the activation and all that. Note: Purchasing a Buyer Club Kit will count as your first quarterly purchase.

Pajama Grams are another great gift idea for those looking for something different. PajamaGram Company has bee recognized by Yahoo and BizRate for its excellent customer service. They are also so a sister company to Vermont Teddy Bear Co. because of this they have a highly recognized brand behind them. You can get a pajama gram for any occasion, birthdays, get well, anniversaries, etc… Each Pajama Grams comes with a personalized card, a lavender sachet, and all this will be wrapped up in a keepsake hatbox. The only exception is sale and clearance items. The pajamas are well made and soft. All pajamas and any other products sells comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

You can sign up for their catalog mailing list, they mail out catalogs four times a year. You may want to become a VIP member, it is free to sign up for and as a member, you will get full advantage of special monthly offers and get a sneak peek at new pajamas designs. Signing up will enter you in a drawing for a free PajamaGram (up to $100 in value). Every month one winner will be chosen from new VIP sign-ups. Note: purchase is not required to sign up to be a VIP Member, and must be eighteen years or older to be a VIP member.

Like most companies, Pajama Gram has an affiliate program. They provide you with banner links that have your referral code in them. Once a customer completes an order, you will get a commission. Commissions range from eight to ten percent of the sales total. It will take around seven days for you to receive your commissions.

You can put your banners almost anywhere; there are very few limitations for affiliates when it comes to advertising. As long as you are not spamming people. Your commissions from sales are tracked by LinkShare, and you are also paid by these people. The Link Share Corporation is a New York-based independent marketing partner.

Another sister company to Vermont Teddy Bears Co. where you can great gifts is Gift Bag Boutique. They sell purses, shoulder bags, totes and clutches come in over one hundred styles. You can get an empty bag or have it filled with goodies. Adding accessories can make it a more personalized gift, available accessorizes include hair accessories, bath and body products, wallets, scarves, etc… and the prices are reasonable.

Bags from gift bag boutique come with a personalized card and free lip conditioner; it will be shipped in a purse-shaped box, adding to the presentation. They have handbags from designers such as Sak Handbags, Maxx New York Handbags, and many more.

Just like pajama gram, the gift bag boutique has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if the person you bought it for does not like it, simply return it.

They too have an affiliate program; it is the same as pajama gram’s program. To sign up for either of these affiliate programs go to the website and email customer service, tell them you want more information about the affiliate programs.

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