The Top 3 Tricks For Improved Roulette Odds

Roulette is the most popular casino game in the world. It’s not surprising, then, that it has become one of the most played games at online casinos. And this popularity means that there are many different strategies and tactics which you can use to win more money at roulette. 

The following tips will make the next time you are prepared to place your bets and watch the wheel spin even more fun for those who have always had a passion for roulette, whether it be in the form of online roulette games played in prestigious casinos or our exquisite land casino.

Many gamblers have tried to beat a table at roulette by using a strategy or tactic that they think will work well on a particular day. But if you’re going to try to beat a roulette table you should first ask yourself what your goal is. Do you want to win big? Or do you just want to make some extra cash? If you’re playing for fun then it doesn’t really matter how much you end up winning or losing, but if you’re playing to make a profit then you need to be realistic about your chances of success. 

Most people know that the house always wins when a roulette game ends, but that isn’t true. The house usually wins because the odds are stacked against the player. So if you follow one simple rule it’s possible to increase your chances of winning on any given spin – don’t bet on red! 

If you play roulette regularly then you probably already know the basic rules. This article contains three tips designed to improve your chances of making money with bets on red. 

Top Tip #1: Betting on black 

Black is by far the safest bet on a standard roulette wheel. There are only two numbers (0 and 00) that come out black, so when a roulette ball lands on either of those numbers you automatically win whatever stake you placed on that number. That makes betting on black the perfect way to start off when you first begin playing. As long as you avoid placing too much money on black you’ll be able to build up a bankroll without risking too much. 

The second reason why you shouldn’t bet on black is that it’s also the easiest bet to place. On a single spin you can place a maximum of six individual wagers with each bet having a maximum stake of $100. For example if you had $200 on black, you could place a $50 bet, a $100 bet and four $20 bets. You’d actually be losing a bit of money doing this since the $100 bet would lose 50% ($50), while the $50 and $20 bets would lose 25% ($12.5) each. But if you were to bet on black instead of red you could bet $250 total, $100 on black, $100 on red and $50 on green. In that case you’re guaranteed to break even if the ball lands on black, since you get back every dollar you put down. 

Another thing to remember is that the dealer must show you the colour of the wheel before he starts to deal. So if the dealer shows you a white wheel, he won’t be allowed to change the colour to black until after he’s dealt all the other numbers. That means you can bet on black and still be safe from the dealer changing the colour of the wheel. So if you’re playing at an online casino, check the site’s terms and conditions to see whether they permit dealers to change the colour of the wheel. 

Top Tip #2: Betting on red 

Betting on red might sound like a good idea, but if you play at a high-volume online casino then you run the risk of being banned. Many Singapore slot online casinos allow players to choose their own bets during a session. When you’ve chosen your bet limits, the casino will let you place a number of wagers based on the amount of money you are willing to risk. So if you have $1000 in your account and you’re willing to risk the equivalent of $10,000 on one spin then you can place ten separate wagers on red. 

But the problem with betting on red is that it’s often considered to be quite risky. Because there are 36 red numbers in a roulette wheel, and because the wheel stops spinning once the ball hits zero, the odds of ending up with red are very low. Even professional gamblers admit that it’s difficult to predict where the ball will land. 

So instead of trying to guess where the ball will land, try following another tip to increase your chances of winning on red. Instead of betting on red, try betting on black. Since the ball can’t land on black, there’s no danger of losing on a spin if the ball lands on red. The dealer can’t change the colour of the wheel once he’s started to deal the next set of numbers, so you’re guaranteed to get paid no matter what happens. And if you don’t mind taking a little risk in order to win a few dollars, then black is definitely the better option. 

Top Tip #3: Playing roulette online 

Playing roulette online is becoming increasingly popular these days. With the introduction of new online casino software, it’s now easier than ever to find a reputable online casino that offers real-money roulette games. Some sites offer free spins to encourage new players to sign up, and others give away bonuses just for signing up. 

You can also find lots of great guides and tips online if you’re interested in learning more about playing roulette. For example, if you’re planning to place a lot of money on black or red then you might consider reading the advice in our guide to betting on black. Another interesting read is our guide to playing roulette for beginners. 

With these tips in hand, you should have a much better chance of increasing your winning odds at roulette. And if you play online you can enjoy the best roulette action available anywhere. All you have to do is sit back and relax while the balls roll around the wheel.

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