The Incredible New Europa Casino Allowed Canadian Players

There is now a byword in on-line gaming and the name is Europa Casino. From its nice and eye-catching graphics to easy payouts and accurate and fair play, nothing beats Europa Casino in these departments. It is no wonder that gaming enthusiasts worldwide are flocking to this new site.

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This is a welcome development for many players especially for Canadian players. They have been barred from playing in U.S-based on-line gaming sites due to stricter gaming regulations in that country and Europa Casino is like a heaven-sent alternative for most of them.

There is almost a sign you can see the moment you navigate to the site of new Europa Casino. It says “Canada players welcome!” as Canada has some of the most lenient laws ever among countries that allow their citizens to play on-line casino games. The government’s attitude is not to regulate or prohibit anyone whatsoever from playing as long as they are of the right legal age to gamble.

Nowhere else can you feel this Canada players welcome atttitude than at this new exciting site. It is almost like being there in real person and this warm welcoming ambiance can be felt by you when you call their toll-free number. The operators are very courteous and even extra polite once they know you are a Canadian citizen. They really value your patronage and make every effort to make you feel at ease and very much welcome.

This Canada players welcome atmosphere is very evident at this gambling site. Its wide variety of games are suited to Canadian players with ease of play and easy-to-understand instructions. It is like being held by the hand to make your on-line gaming experience the most superb you will ever have.

The site’s welcome bonus is one of the highest in the industry and people find this appealing. It is very useful to have more money to play with and they even offer double bonuses on some special occasions such as Valentine’s day specials and anniversary dates.

So be sure to check your e-mails from time to time to avail of special offers and make sure you do by adding them to your safe list. Messages include important announcements like complimentary points programs (redeemable in real dollars), your VIP level (how long you have stayed as a member) and a list of tournaments you might be interest in.

This Canada players welcome professional attitude also extends to fast cash payouts to your credit cards (if you use several), accurate and fair gaming as attested by the Technical Systems Testing of North America, Inc. (TST) and a willingness to listen to each and every valued client. They want to build a long-term trusting relationship with all players to make on-line gaming truly enjoyable.

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