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Strategy: Combatting the Bingo All-in Players

I have been playing on Facebook Poker quite a bit recently as a break from the real money games I usually play and I have realised that although my top 5 tips for winning at Facebook Poker is still very good advice for being a good poker player some of the points I made aren’t 100% applicable to Facebook Poker.

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After playing Facebook Poker I have realised although you are playing with 100bb stacks it still plays like a tournament. By this I mean that a lot of people are choosing to go directly all in or fold before the flop with a 100bb stack which is unheard of in real cash games. Obviously if this is happening a lot then some of the tips I gave are irrelevant. This post will be how to counter this strategy and win in the long run.

First of all the strategy is not particularly complex as after all we only really have two decisions we either call and go all in or fold and wait for the next hand. However with which hands do we call and which hands do we fold?! With a hand like AA it is clearly obvious we will call and with 27 we clearly fold however what do we do with more marginal hands like 22?

In order to determine this we need to use a program called Pokerstove which you can download yourself for free by popping “pokerstove” into google and going to their website. This program can determine our chances of winning (equity) against a range of possible hands our opponent might have.

Like everything in poker things are rarely simple and clear cut so in all of the following examples I am going to assume that our opponent has gone all in and everyone else has folded and there is only us left to act. If there are still people left to act behind us our decision changes slightly by having to tighten our calling range slightly to compensate.

In the example we are going to assume our opponent goes all in every single hand with what hands do we call? By using pokerstove we should call with every hand that has a greater than 50% chance of winning although if you want you can set the cut off a bit higher if you don’t want the huge variance. Obviously the bigger the equity advantage the less variance you will have.

By using Pokerstove we can see that if we call with AA we have an 85.2% chance of winning and so obviously we call. With 22 we have only 50.3% chance in winning and so whilst you can still profitably call if your bankroll is small you might just want to wait for a slightly stronger hand.

A2 off-suit has 54.9%, A2 suited has 57.4% and so we can call with any ace in our hand and still win in the long run. K2 off-suit has 50.5%, K2 suited has 53.2% so again we can call with any King in our hand. These results can be surprising however this is against a random hand and so these hands hold a lot of high card value.

Q5 off-suit has 50.1% and has Q2 suited has 50.2%. After carrying out the same process we end up with a final calling range of:-

22+, A2+, A2s+, K2+, K2s+, Q5+, Q2s+, J8os, J6s, 109os, 107s+, 98s+

Of course in reality I don’t think anyone is crazy enough to go all in with every single hand however the hard part is determining exactly what percentage of hands your opponent is doing it with and to do this you will have to see the frequency at which he is pushing all in or wait until you see one of the hands go to showdown. Although as a general rule against every single Facebook Poker player I am snap calling them with:-

88+, AJs+, AQos+,

Although again you have to be careful that no one else will call as once more people start calling our equity starts to change and it may no longer be profitable. If you are interested in doing your own calculations you can go to the pokerstove site and download the software for free.

Leslie Howe is what you can call the James Bond of the casino industry. With her impeccable knowledge of cards and her little experiments with these games, you will witness some really interesting content from her .