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Online casino gambling started its way in the USA in the mid-1990s, when two large companies, Microgaming and Cryptologic, united their forces. It was really a revolution in the sphere of gambling for people around the world. However, American market was always considered to be the biggest and the largest one, as the USA was the first country, where people got an opportunity to enjoy playing poker, slot machines, blackjack and so on without leaving a comfort of your home. This branch was developing with really fast tempos, but the situation changed in 2006, when American authorities passed the law UIGEA. It was a strong blow to this industry and it resulted in significant decreasing of online casinos, accepting U.S. players.

After several attempts of prohibiting the activity of online casinos at the territory of the USA, the government of this country succeeded at last and passed the UIGEA. But it was not a complete prohibition, but only a restriction of the ways of crediting the accounts at gambling sites. Nevertheless, the consequences were negative first of all for gamblers. But the government tried to prove the decision and to explain it to rebelling people. The reason was to prevent possible money laundering, as they thought virtual accounts to be an excellent way to cope with this task.No one wants to be in the risk factors always. So why place bets in which the risks involvements are more. Focus on such where your chances of winning are more. Follow the Surebets method in which you place bets only in such kinds of games where you know you can win.

However, after it many online casinos stopped their activity at the territory of the USA. Many famous software providers, which power more than hundreds of gambling sites and poker rooms, made a decision to leave the market too. Playtech and Cryptologic wete the first ones to do it, as their owners didn’t want to clash with any problems and difficulties. Microgaming, the largest software provider remained at the market till 2008 but then refused to accept U.S. gamblers too.

Different ways of money transfer became unavailable, as nobody wanted to pay fees and penalties. So the choice is rather restricted, but nevertheless it exists. So such modern software developers like RTG, Vizard Gaming and Vegas Technology still provide U.S. citizens with the opportunity to play online casino games. They have developed special sites only for American gamblers with incredibly attractive bonuses and various games. The companies, like American Express, still continue to offer credit cards to send money to the accounts, though Visa has recently stopped doing it.

Still it is possible to find top online casino in the USA to play. And with this purpose you can visit special review sites or just search the Internet. Here we want to give you a list of good American sites:

  • Online Vegas
  • Slots Oasis
  • Go Casino
  • One Club
  • Cherry Red
  • VIP Slots Casino
  • Crazy Slots
  • Rushmore Casino
  • Millionare Casino
  • Slots Galore

These sites are open for American gamblers and they are glad to welcome you there. However, it is still necessary to be careful, as people from some states are not allowed to gamble at certain sites. That’s why it is necessary to check this information beforehand right at the site. All online casinos write about it and you will be able to find it quite easily in the section “Terms and Conditions”. After it you may be happy about playing different games and getting appealing bonuses.

Certainly all gamblers in the USA are hoping that the situation will change for better very soon and that they again will get an opportunity to visit any online casinos they like and do not worry about making the choice.

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