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Game Review: Halo Reach

As Bungie has stated, this will be the last of their flagship series. But this is more than one final Halo game, this is a culmination of the best parts of previous halo games, all compiled into one finale for the community. And the truth about this game is that it was a huge successes, this is one of the best Halo games yet with an extremely challenging campaign just for the gaming community.

To begin, in the campaign, you take a role as the hyper-lethal Spartan super soldier known as Noble 6. Not much is known about this character, except that he is one of the greatest Spartans trained, and that he has contributed a lot to the UNSC. The story is also extremely straight forward and not too much is needed to be known about the story, except that it was the place that Master Chief and Cortana had escaped during the Covenant invasion. All of the campaign missions are fun and not repetitive, making it an improvement from Halo 3. It also features open environments with great detail and some of the best elements from past Halo campaigns. Co-op campaign also escalates in difficulty as more people are added to one game, and spartan customization allows you to adjust what Noble 6 will look like. There were a couple of problems with the campaign though, there were no massive battles in the game which is what Bungie was aiming to do. In the last mission there are a couple moments where you are going through a huge battle, which does give you the true feeling of a spartan. But the game would have been better if more were involved throughout the campaign. This is also one of the hardest Halo campaign missions yet, with an advanced AI system and the classic elites to fight off as well. New weapons also work in all different game modes, as some of them are re-made versions of old weapons, (for example instead of the brute shot, the concussion rifle is featured but still has the same weapon effect and feel to it).

Custom games, and forge are back and better than ever with more tools to expand the communities’ map building and creativity. Additionally, now there is a “Most downloaded” feature where people can actually download custom-made maps that are trending.

Matchmaking is also back, but with a new credits system. The credits system itself spans through the whole game, (firefight, campaign, multiplayer) but a majority of the points earned will be through matchmaking. Now there are more modes, and unlike Halo 3, all DLC (downloadable content) is not required in order to required to play in most of the game-types featured. Double battle serves as the game’s two on two game-type, there is swat which features one-shot headshot kills, team slayer, and much more to try out. Although, there is no matchmaking for community content made which is a bummer because its pretty hard to get a lot of friends together onto one large custom-made map.

In conclusion, Halo Reach is an essential game if you are a fan of the series. The campaign may be a little bit short of what Bungie was aiming for, but is still great nonetheless. I’m sure people will love the game due to the multiplayer, customization, and huge replay value that this game comes to offer.

While some might prefer easier games like domino999 but still they won’t realize that Halo Reach, true to its name, has a wider reach among the younger generation and will cater more to them as the series progresses and for more details you can Visit Website steam powered where you can find a mine of information about it.

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