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World Cup Australia 2008 The first Rugby League World Cup was held in France in 1954. It was won by Great Britain after they played the other nations (Australia, France, and New Zealand) in a league format. The competition has changed over the year with more teams being invited to play. The next Rugby League World Cup will be played in Australia in 2008. Qualifying for Rugby League World Cup The 2000 World Cup was seen as something of a failure by both the Rugby Football League (RFL) and many critics in the media. One of the reasons for this was the liberal rules concerning which teams qualified for the competition. 

For example, a team from Lebanon was entered for the first time, but it consisted entirely of Australian players who were of Lebanese descent. For 2008, the RFL has decided to tighten up the rules. In order to ensure that each team is made up of nationals and not foreign players, the following criteria must be met: A squad must contain at least six players who have been registered and played in that nation’s domestic competition for at least one year. OR The squad must contain at least six players who have played in that nation’s junior international team during the18 months prior to the tournament. 

The top five rugby league teams from the 2000’s World Cup tournament have been confirmed as automatic qualifiers. The other five places will be made up of additional teams who have won qualifying tournaments. Format of the Rugby League World Cup The ten sides will be split into three groups (one group of four and two groups of three). They will then play each other, with the winners of the groups going on to the semi-finals. The runner-up from the group of four will also go through.

Winners of the Rugby League World Cup Since its inception in 1954, the competition has been won by only two nations, Australia and Great Britain. Australia has dominated the competition since 1975, winning it six times in a row. For a period in the 1980s, the World Cup was decided over three years, with each side playing each other and the side with the most points taking the title. Here are the winners of the last five World Cup competitions: 2000: Australia 1995: Australia 1989  1992: Australia 1985  1988: Australia 1977: Australia Betting on the Rugby League World Cup There are many ways to bet on the 2008 Rugby League World Cup, from the first try scorer in a match to the overall tournament winner.

You can bet on which side wins their pool or who scores the most tries (team or player), giving you plenty of choices. For the latest odds on the 2008 rugby league World Cup from a range of bookmakers and betting exchanges, visit our Latest Odds section. The 2008 Rugby League World Cup is only one of many events in the rugby league calendar. Check out other rugby league events and Interwin88 if you are interested in betting on such events!

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