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Card Counting What Is It All About

Card counting is one of the many card strategies out there. It is defined as a system that helps track blackjack cards dealt in a game. You can use it if you want to know whether you are gaining an advantage over the house or the dealer when you are playing in casinos. In short, card counting ascertains whether the deck works for your favor as the player or it works the other way around, meaning for the favor of the house or the dealer.

The chances of winning are predetermined by the counter, using the numbers he has in mind. This particular number can be located either by subtracting or adding an exact number starting from zero as there are dealt cards in the process. As a player, in turn, you can vary your bet depending on the chances or the odds you expect out of the game. If you think that the deck provides higher odds working for your favor, then you can increase your bet. If you feel that the deck works in favor of the dealer or the house, then you can bet a lesser amount.

Basics of card counting

If there is one thing to remember basically when it comes to card counting then that would be the fact that aces and tens (or high cards) work for the favor of the player while lower cards like those that range in between 4 and 6 work for the favor of the dealer. The basic system is called the true count, one that gives players the chance to choose what amount to bet and when to place that amount on the pot.

The basic system actually assigns either a positive or negative (sometimes a zero) value to the dealt cards. When cards that have either of these values are dealt, the count will then be adjusted by that corresponding value. For example, in a so-called Hi-Lo system, a value of one is deducted for each ten or ace card that has been dealt during the game. On the other hand, those with the values 2-6 will be increased by one while cards with the 7-9 values dealt during the game do not have any effect on the count.

Unbalanced and balanced card counting

The unbalanced card counting makes use of the corresponding count of the card that appears as they are distributed during a 1-deck blackjack game. Conversely, the balanced card system is one that adapts the basics of the other counting system. The only difference is that it also makes use of the number of card decks dealt during the game.

Apart from knowing about these types of card counting systems, it will also be wise if you also learn about advanced counting. One of which was mentioned a while back, the Hi-Lo system. keluaran togel hongkong are declared 3-4 days after betting on the lottery. The lottery system have been one of the easiest ways to earn money since decades. The tradition of old lottery system is now trending over all online casinos. Add to that, there are also KO counts, Hi-Opt 1 and Hi-Opt 2. Once you know all these card counting systems, you can then practice playing like a professional. To top that, you can also have an advantage over Casinos.

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