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Can Roulette Be Beaten? Can You Win At Roulette?

Can Roulette Be Beaten? “Can roulette be beaten?” That’s a question I hear from new roulette players all the time. Somebody new to the game sees a roulette book or a roulette website that reads “roulette can be beaten” or “how to beat roulette” and they naturally think there’s a secret to beating the game. Place your bets strategically around the roulette table and there’s some combination that assures you beat the roulette odds. Someone might suggest that you vary your bets depending on where the steel ball last landed on the roulette wheel, or change your betting patterns depending on whether you won the last spin of the wheel or not. The fact of the matter is, the roulette odds are what they are. Whether you decide to bet strategically on the 3,11,18,25 and 32 or a combination of “red” and “even”, those odds stay the same. The roulette ball has an equal chance of landing on all 38 (or 37, if you’re lucky) roulette numbers. If the ball lands on “15” one spin, it has an equal chance (as any other number) of landing on the 15 again on the next spin.

Out of Balance Roulette Wheels Casinos keep detailed records on the results of all spins on their roulette wheels. If a roulette wheel appears unbalanced and favoring a certain number or set of numbers, the casino management makes sure the wheel is rebalanced and repaired to facilitate an equal distribution of results. So while you might find a roulette wheel that’s out of whack every once in a while, this isn’t so common enough that you can base a roulette system off of it. So don’t spend your time at the roulette table trying to figure out which part of the wheel the steel ball keeps landing on, because you’ll either fool or frustrate yourself and miss the fun of the game. My Roulette Betting System Works You’ll often see ads for roulette betting systems that go something like this: “My roulette betting system works”. No, it doesn’t. Roulette has one of the highest house edges in the casino. There is simply no betting system that’s been devised that will flip that edge from house advantage to your advantage. No matter how intricate seeming a roulette method appears, no matter how eloquently a roulette expert explains how the system works, you’re going to waste your money buying their roulette e-book or book, and then you’re going to waste your money in the casino trying to apply their betting methods. A common method is a progressive betting system like the Martingale System. This dictates that you double your bet every time you lose a spin. The idea is you win back your original loss and then some when you have a winning spin. On the down side, if you have several losing spins in a row, you’ll end up betting huge amounts of money — probably more than you’re comfortable betting.

Progressive betting systems offer the real possibility that you blow your entire bankroll in a short period of time, betting the table limits on one spin of the roulette wheel. Read our article on “roulette strategies” for more on the progressive roulette betting strategies. This Number Combination Works You’ll even find someone who tells you to bet a particular pattern of numbers on the roulette table layout. For instance, you might be told to bet all one column on the roulette table, then bet “odd” or some such. It doesn’t matter what the roulette pattern be peddled is, because they are equally erroneous. The implication is there’s some combination which changes the odds in your favor, because every casino and every roulette dealer in the history of the world has missed this hole in their game. The numbers are the numbers. Virtually every bet in roulette gives a casino the same house edge, and mixing up your bets in some novel pattern doesn’t chance the mathematical odds. One bet that’s worse than all others is the 5-number bet on 0,00,1,2 and 3, because it raises the house edge by nearly 2%. Otherwise, use your gut or your favorite numbers when betting on roulette. Also on the web: You can learn about craps in casinos at my friend’s site, if you’re interested in learning about another great table game. Craps isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think, either. At the süperbahis kayıt site, there is more chances of winning for the online gamblers. The complicated process is converted into a simpler one when you are playing games at the reputed online site. The checking of the reviews will also play a vital role in online site selection.

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