Beginner Limit Texas Hold Em Poker

Playing limit hold em is a little different than playing no limit hold em. Stealing the blinds is now almost impossible since you can no longer place bets that will force people to put their stack in the middle. You are now playing by a set of betting rules. When joining a limit game you will notice that there are two numbers in the game name. These are typicaly the limits. 10/20 limit would mean that for the first two rounds of betting you would raise it by 10. During the turn and river betting rounds you will be betting 20.

When beginning playing limit hold em I suggest sticking to the top ten hand criteria. For the top 2 hands I suggest playing them extremely aggressive. These top two hands are (Ace, Ace) and (King, King). I would raise and re-raise if you get one of these top two starting hands. The next 3 I would still play aggressive but also start being cautious. These three starting hands would be (Queen, Queen), (Ace, King) and (Jack, Jack). These top five hands you can pretty much play the same, just be cautious of a possible higher pair or someone hitting trips.

The king, queen and jack are the ultimate goal for any player because there are no greater cards than them and the two hands need to be taken before the opponent does the same but most people often neglect the ace as it is the biggest hand of all but not so much in texas hold em as in bandarq online.

These next five hands I would suggest still playing aggressive but more judgment is needed to determine if your hand is beat. These hands are (ten, ten), (nine, nine), (king, queen), (eight, eight), and (queen, jack). These hands are more difficult to play, since they no longer are the bets starting hands, and require you to get a read on your opponent. If you are up against someone that plays tight for example, and they raise your raise. I would start to think that they probably have you beat. Just for the fact that they seem to be playing tight and only good hands. Playing internet poker can be very useful. There normally is a hand history and you can go check to see what hands that player has been playing and how they played it. Thats a nice little tip that has saved me lots of cash in the long run.

You now have the knowledge to hit the low limit poker games. If you stick to these hands people will see that you are playing tight and be afraid of your bets. In the long run it will allow you to open up the hands you play against them. Take your time and you too can develop a winning strategy.

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