Ancient Wonders New Slots Game By Nuworks

Ancient Wonders is the latest slots game that came out by NuWorks and presents an amazing 50 pay-lines that extend across five reels. The slots theme brings players into the ancient mystery time of the Greek God Zeus, Colossus of Rhodes, Great Pyramid of Giza, the Temple of Artemis as well as the lovely Hanging Gardens of Babylon. All these of these Ancient Greek symbols are established on Ancient Wonders Slots and are composed in the company of high scoring numbers and letters. Players are able to select from a large variety of betting options as well as placing bets on 1 or up to 50 pay-lines per spin.

Special Bonus at Buzzluck Casino

Get a Special 200% Bonus for playing the newest slots game that is now part of the NuWorks family of slots games on Bandar togel online.

The Ancient Wonders Feature is the major bonus round which players can pick from 7 Wonders and are accessible when the bonus is triggered. Prizes of up to 1000 times the triggering bet for each pick can be won.

The Free Spins feature is an awesome one. 7 Free Spins will award players when the feature is triggered. Every spin includes a multiplier on the wins and are awarded as follows. Spin 1 has a 1x multiplier; spin 2 has a 2 times multiplier and goes on in this manner all the way through the 7th spin. This can dramatically boost your income if a jackpot pattern is won on that last spin!

Multiple Random Jackpots

In addition, the slots game of Ancient Wonders offers multiple random jackpots that can be won at any given time. The multiple random jackpots that can win are a major jackpot, a minor jackpot, and a mini jackpot and the cash keeps growing when more players place their bets.

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