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Absolute Poker review – How can it be helpful?

Absolute Poker launched in 2003 is part of the Cereus network. They offer good sign up bonuses and promotions and have a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options. While registering at Agen Bola betting table, the options are studies to get an advantage. The process of wagering the amount is required to be smooth. A referral bonus is offered when there is requirement of increasing the profits. 

 A security issue involving an ex-employee was addressed during the early part of 2008 and since then the site has taken radical steps to prevent future happenings, ensuring peace of mind for all Absolute Poker players. 

 Since introducing their new security centre, Absolute Poker boast a fully automated system that detects abnormal and fraudulent play including: abnormal win rates, chip dumping, collusion, multi accounts and BOTS (artificial intelligence). 

 Evidence that Absolute Poker’s hard work is appreciated by poker players comes from the doubling of real money ring game player numbers, since the introduction of their new software, Cereus.

 An average of 2,000 real money players hit the felt every hour with peak times seeing up to 20,000 players online; the trend of player numbers is on the up. 

 Absolute Poker offer a good selection of games in various betting formats mixing re-buy, turbo and deep stack tournaments into their schedule to offer a varied selection to their customers. 

 Games formats include – Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, HORSE, HOSE and Razz (7 Card Stud Low).

 From the lobby

 Players first use several lobby tabs to select their preferred ring game, scheduled tournament or sit and go tournament. The Texas Hold’em ring games are separated into three categories, fixed limit, no-limit/pot-limit and play money. Omaha and Stud games are divided by the regular and Hi/Lo versions and by clicking the ‘Other’ tab, players are invited to take their seat at a HORSE, HOSE or Razz table.

 A cool Absolute Buddy feature keeps players in touch with the friends they meet at the tables allowing them to follow each others progress.

 Sit and Go tournaments

 Predominantly sit and go players will find numerous no-limit Texas Holde’m games beginning every few minutes drawing good numbers in the low to medium buy-in levels. Most of these will be $0.50 to $2.00 buy-ins, with many also opting to enter $5 and $10 games too.

 Those wanting to test their skills at sit and go buy-ins up to $100 are satisfied, with a good take up for the games in the $30 to $50 buy-in range. Sit and go tournaments are offered up to $5,000 however players that can afford this level are in shorter supply.

 7 Card Stud, Omaha and Razz players will find some action here although not to the same degree that the popular Texas Hold’em game generates. 

 Scheduled tournaments

 The scheduled tournaments appeal to players across all low to medium buy-in ranges. There are enough of the less common games available to keep most players fresh for a challenge.

 As well as WSOP and WPT qualifiers, frequent freerolls, there is a focus on re-buy, turbo and add-on tournaments in their larger field events. 

 There is plenty enough variety at Absolute Poker for most tournament players.

 Ring games

 Real money cash table players are found in good numbers and differing from many online poker rooms, it is not uncommon to see more $0.25/0.50 NLH tables in play than $0.02/04, however general play at the micro level tends to be spread evenly throughout.

 Mid level cash tables have almost the same number playing as the micro tables, where blinds are structured at $1/2, $2/4, $3/6, $5/10 and $10/20.

 Higher entry players will see many others entering the fray enjoying $15/30, and $30/60. Much over that, the opposition thins.

 Omaha and Stud players will find most of the action takes place at the levels below $5/10. Those who enjoy HORSE cash tables tend to play at the lower levels and you will have to pick your moments to see action on the HOSE and Razz tables. 

 At the table

 There is a choice of three standard table layouts with each being fairly uncluttered and a wide selection of skins to tailor the view to your liking; plus you may go a stage further and customize the table by uploading a skin designed or held on your own computer. Up-loadable avatars allow all players to add some of their personality to the tables.

 Tool bars at the table give player shortcuts to the lobby, cashier, hand history and a replay of previous hands. Plus an options tab allows players useful preferences including optional four color decks, rabbit cam, chat bubbles, hot keys and favorite seat position.

 An unobtrusive side bar selects screen layout to cascade or 4×4, with an additional default screen size tab.

 The chat window bottom left also gives players updated information and stats and can be expanded to the side of the table for a larger view.

 Plain action buttons allow players to place bets at pre-set amounts, they may also use the slider to increase bets, or may enter any bet amount in a text window (provided limits allow).

 Common check boxes allow players to sit out, fold to any bet and auto-post their blinds. In-play check boxes give players the opportunity to pre-set a betting action if they make an early decision.

 A circular timer clearly indicates the allowable time for players to make their decisions.

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