888 Poker Presents Fast Fold Product – Know it

The fast-fold poker trend has finally caught up with 888 Poker as the popular online poker room is currently working on its own version, called Snap Poker. Once everything is set and ready to go, 888 Poker will complete the top five poker rooms in the industry to also offer a fast-fold product, alongside PokerStars, iPoker Network, Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker.

888 Poker has seen a huge increase in traffic recently, overtaking the first poker site to offer fast-fold poker – Full Tilt Poker – a couple of weeks ago and getting very close to the second name on the list, iPoker. Of course, the chances for 888 to even get close to PokerStars numbers are very slim but the recent marketing campaigns and constant improvements certainly attracted a lot of new players. For the best fast-fold poker product on the internet, play PokerStars Zoom poker here.

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Snap Poker went in a public beta testing period about a month ago and the operator shows a lot of cautions with this new product. Recently, a representative confirmed the fact that Snap Poker is available to certain new accounts in order to further test it on the community before the full release. Initially, the only limits available were $0.01/$0.02 for those that downloaded the beta and more stakes have been just added: $0.05/$0.10 for no-limit and $0.12/$0.25 for pot-limit Omaha.

Despite being fairly late to the party, 888 is certainly taking its time with Snap Poker and plans on doing it right from the start. Players can certainly appreciate the new option and can also expect some new promotions to help spark the action on the new fast-fold tables. At first sight, Snap Poker looks very good although there have been some mixed opinions regarding the name. The software seems to be working very well and making sure that all players get to enjoy the features of this new product and have as much fun as possible. More information will be available once Snap Poker launches to all 888 Poker players.

Keeping up with the trend

Fast-fold poker has certainly been getting bigger and bigger on the internet and no matter how you call it, the main concept of the game is the same at most poker rooms. It is meant to make poker a lot faster by eliminating the boring parts in which you would have to wait for other players to finish their hands before you would get new cards. With the help of the instant fold button, you can now simply discard your cards and instantly get new ones.

The variation is a bit different than the regular ring games and some changes to your strategy will have to be made in order to maximize your profits. The main difference being that you will see more hands and you can choose to play a smaller percentage of them in order to make up for the fact that most players will only play premium hands.

With so many great poker rooms offering a fast-fold product, it is recommended for new players to start off on a fairly loose site in order to become accustomed to the fast pace. Bet365 Poker is a great place to start since the popularity of the bookmaker attracts a lot of gamblers and every poker player will tell you that gamblers make great opponents. Try Bet365 Sprint Poker and claim your $1,000 welcome bonus.

Given the fact that the action never stops, fast-fold poker players tend to have less tables open at the same time in order to not miss out on any great opportunities but they can still multi-table two or three.

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